Famille at The Kensington is a cafe where everyone is welcome. Kensington residents, family members, friends, and the broader community of Falls Church are invited to meet, mingle, share a cup of coffee and dine on culinary creations.

The Kensington team is partnering with local organizations to bring senior-specific and arts-inspired programming to the space on a monthly basis. The cafe is also available as an event rental space! With 1800 square feet of available space and capacity for 75-116 guests, it’s the perfect venue for family gatherings, special occasions and events. To inquire, please contact Famille at events@famillecafe.com, or call (703) 570-8669.

Famille’s mission is one of love and family, the latter having recently been defined as “an emotionally supportive network of adults and children, some of whom live together or have lived together.” Famille strives to be part of that network, a place where neighbors and friends can come together to eat, drink, and gather. This resonates quite closely with our residents and team members at The Kensington, where our promise is to love and care for your family as we do our own.