Maintenance Supervisor

The Kensington Falls Church


The Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for overseeing maintenance porters, completing minor repairs, renovations, and restorative projects on both a scheduled and as-needed basis.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Monitors and adjusts staffing levels, cleaning schedules, and supply inventories to ensure the community meets labor cost, supply cost, and the department’s service and quality goals.

2. Receives daily assignments and organizes tools, supplies/materials, equipment required to complete work. Arranges and prioritizes the order of assignments for their own schedule and that of the porters to carry out work in the most efficient manner.

3. Performs repair, renovation, and restorative work to the buildings, grounds, equipment, and systems.

4. Performs general cleaning of building, grounds, and suites including, but not limited to, sweeping, hard flooring and carpet care, wall and window washing, trash removal, and storm clean-up.

5. Assists in taking and recording required readings including, but not limited to, air temperature, energy consumption, and water temperature/pressure.

6. Performs scheduled maintenance checks of buildings, grounds, and facilities. May assist inspectors and contractors in testing, inspection, or repair of equipment and facilities.

7. Responds to emergency situations and carries out assigned role.

8. Maintains tools, equipment, and work spaces in a clean, orderly, and like new condition.

9. Requisitions supplies and equipment as authorized by the Director of Environmental Services.

10. Attends training courses and participates in other professional development activities as required.

11. Report any suspicion or evidence of elder abuse, mistreatment or neglect as outlined in Personnel Policies.

Knowledge and Skill:

1. Must be able to understand and follow verbal instructions.

2. Must be able to keep accurate records.

3. Ability to work effectively within a team based environment.

4. Strong time management and organizational skills.

5. Ability to perform minor repairs and restorative/renovation work

6. General knowledge of mechanical systems and proper use of equipment.


1. Must be able to clearly and proficiently communicate with people of all ages and abilities, displaying consideration of their rights and sensitivities, while maintaining an energetic, positive attitude.

2. Must be able to read and write English, and follow verbal and written instructions.

3. Must maintain a clean and well-groomed appearance and follow the dress code as outlined in the employee handbook.

4. Ability to work flexible hours including weekends and evenings.

5. Be in good health, and physically and mentally capable of performing assigned tasks.

6. Demonstrates freedom from pulmonary tuberculosis by a health screening performed by a physician not more than (6) months prior to or (7) days after employment

7. Must be cleared in a criminal background check administered in the state of Virginia.

8. Three years in similar position is preferable

9. Must have a valid drivers’ license and a track record of safely operating motor vehicles.

10. High school diploma or equivalent vocational training is preferred.

11. Certification and/or licenses in trades is preferred.