Overnight Supervisor

The Kensington Falls Church

The Overnight Supervisor is responsible for the overall safe keeping of the community during the overnight hours of 11 pm to 7 am. This position is to provide general and basic supervisory oversight to all team members in the building during these hours, as well as, general security services within the building. The Overnight Supervisor is responsible for assisting the Directors of the Community by ensuring operations are consistent throughout the night, monitoring staff performance, troubleshooting matters that might arise and initiating communication with Management or Families when necessary.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Gains thorough knowledge of emergency procedures and alarm systems and acts as the point of contact throughout emergency situations until relieved of this duty.

2. Makes periodic inspections of both interior and exterior grounds to ensure all resident safety devices are functional. (Certain doors secured at designated times, ensure access controls and time clock devices working properly, site lighting all working, etc.)

3. Notes any unusual or inappropriate occurrences during all inspections, documents and follows up with necessary directors.

4. Makes at least 3 rounds per shift throughout the building, including mechanical rooms and documents closed loop boiler temperature. Attends to any audible or visual issues with all mechanical equipment.

5. Checks in with each care team periodically and documents any issues.

6. Answers and directs all incoming phone calls to the appropriate person and/or takes and distributes messages promptly and accurately. Responds to emails.

7. Monitor pendant calls, document time and reason for repeated calls.

8. Accepts, documents, and distributes work requests from residents and team members and follows up to ensure they are responded to in a timely manner.

9. Ensures minor maintenance items are addressed immediately (changing lightbulbs, unclogging toilets, wet vac any floods from toilets or showers, etc.)

10. Ensures nursing and care team are checking on their pendants and the pendant system is functioning correctly

11. Drops off newspapers to residents and neighborhoods on daily basis

12. Facilitates any 911 calls not facilitated by our nursing department, stays with the resident until ambulance arrives. Calls director or executive director to inform them.

13. Creates a daily report of all findings throughout the shift and sends to entire Management team via email approximately 5 to 15 minutes before shift ends.

14. Calls designated maintenance personnel or vendor for any emergencies (hot or cold calls above 85 and below 65, water leaks, power outages, etc.)

15. Participates in other professional development activities and trainings as required.

16. Assures problems and resident or family complaints involving maintenance or care services are responded to in a timely and appropriate manner.

17. Attends training courses and participates in other professional development activities as required.

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