Art in the Park

Join us on Saturday, February 24th at 11 am the for a Guest Speaker Presentation with artist Marc Robarge! Marc put forward a Grant Proposal to  The City of Falls Church for Art In The Park for the Howard Herman Trail which is directly across the street from The Kensington! Marc will share with us this extraordinary project called Natural Wonders, based on a grant that was approved for Falls Church. His project, “Fronds” (a sculpture) will be included in Natural Wonders exhibit on the Herman Trail! This sculpture will be a series of 3 tall, slender tree trunks grouped together with handmade leaves mounted in a frond-like pattern and Kensington residents will participate in creating the leaves for the sculpture!

SUCH a wonderful opportunity for our residents to leave their legacy and footprint in the beautiful Falls Church community!  Join his presentation on the explanation of the project on Saturday and then join us on Monday, February 26th at 3:30 as we venture down to the first floor of The Kensington to The Falls Church Arts studio where residents will actually make the leaves for this beautiful masterpiece . We are not only honored but thrilled to be part of this magical project and hope you are equally as excited!