Amy Feather Photo

Amy Feather

Executive Director

Tonya Embly Photo

Tonya Embly

Director of Memory Care

Peter de la Cruz Photo

Peter de la Cruz

Director of Assisted Living

Brenda Pollock Photo

Brenda Pollock

Director of Nursing

Samir Labriny Photo

Samir Labriny

Director of Dining Services

Alex Keatinge Photo

Alex Keatinge

Director of Business Administration

Tony Zuniga Photo

Tony Zuniga

Director of Environmental Services

Jane Lothschuetz Photo

Jane Lothschuetz

Director of Community Relations

Anne Buckley Photo

Anne Buckley

Director of Community Relations

Kitty Janney Photo

Kitty Janney

Director of Community Outreach

 Tammy McNamee Photo

Tammy McNamee

Assisted Living Supervisor

Rusha Bhattarai Photo

Rusha Bhattarai

Wellness Nurse

Trina Brodie Photo

Trina Brodie

Administrative Support

Dawn Wooten Photo

Dawn Wooten

Memory Care Supervisor

Luisnardo Aponte Photo

Luisnardo Aponte

Maintenence Supervisor

Mohammed Maghraoui Photo

Mohammed Maghraoui

Dining Room Coordinator

Alyssa Chilton Photo

Alyssa Chilton

Director of Team Member Support

Quin Estrada Photo

Quin Estrada

Assisted Living Activities Coordinator

Blazer Photo


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