Antibiotics: Are You Misusing Them? Effects, Prevention & Alternatives
Thursday, July 25th 4:30pm-6pm. Click HERE to RSVP!
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Antibiotics: Are You Misusing Them? Effects, Prevention & Alternatives
Thursday, July 25th 4:30pm-6pm. Click HERE to RSVP!
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“Care. Cure. Prevent.” Join The Kensington Falls Church and HFC for a Virtual Event

The Kensington Falls Church is excited to announce our annual “Care. Cure. Prevent.,” a virtual panel on November 15th at 6 pm EST, that dives deep into Alzheimer’s disease, from groundbreaking treatments to prevention strategies. 

Join us for a journey of understanding and hope in the fight against Alzheimer’s, and submit your questions to our expert team of panelists for discussion.

Register now for the “Care. Cure. Prevent.” virtual discussion.

Leading this event is Lauren Miller Rogen, co-founder of Hilarity for Charity (HFC) inspired by her mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s. 

“I always look forward to Care. Cure. Prevent.,” Lauren shares.

“Each year, we hear from incredible experts, answering questions directly from the community about dementia treatment, prevention, and care. I always learn something new and am honored to bring these important discussions to our shared community at HFC, Kensington Senior Living, and beyond.”

This collaborative venture, featuring insights from renowned institutions such as Cedars Sinai, UCLA, USC, Stanford, and the Ray Dolby Brain Health Center, promises a transformative experience, shedding light on a condition that affects millions worldwide. 

Join us for a journey of understanding and hope in the fight against Alzheimer’s and submit your questions to our expert team of panelists for discussion.

Our promise is to love and care for your family as we do our own.

Meet Lauren Miller Rogen and HFC: “Care. Cure. Prevent.” moderator

When personal tragedy strikes, it’s the heroes among us who turn pain into purpose. 

Meet Lauren Miller Rogen, co-founder of Hilarity for Charity (HFC), a movement ignited by personal loss and fueled by the desire to make a difference. 

Lauren’s world changed when her mother was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s at just 55, propelling her into a role she never anticipated: advocate and change-maker.

Together with her equally committed husband, actor, and comedian Seth Rogen, Lauren launched HFC with a unique twist on Alzheimer’s advocacy. 

They leveraged the power of comedy to educate the younger generation, raising funds and awareness in an approachable, relatable manner. Their star-studded variety shows and engaging initiatives broke the silence surrounding Alzheimer’s, bringing laughter and light to spaces often clouded by fear and stigma.

HFC isn’t just about entertainment—it’s about tangible change. 

Since its inception, the organization has raised millions for Alzheimer’s care, research, and prevention, providing grants for in-home care and driving scientific progress. 

Under Lauren’s passionate leadership, HFC has become a beacon of hope for those affected by Alzheimer’s, demonstrating the power of informed action and communal support.

“Care. Cure. Prevent.” event overview

“Care. Cure. Prevent.” isn’t just an informational panel—it’s an engaging session where your participation matters. 

The event, hosted virtually, welcomes individuals worldwide to register and be part of a pivotal discussion led by experts at the forefront of Alzheimer’s care, cure, and prevention, including: 

Your involvement is key, as the panel is designed not just for one-way communication but for interactive engagement. 

When registering, you’ll have the unique opportunity to submit your questions, which may be addressed during the live panel, creating a personalized, inclusive, and deeply informative experience.

Here’s what attendees can anticipate:

  • Date & time: Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2023, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. EST. 
  • Registration details: RSVP and submit your personal Alzheimer’s questions for expert panelist discussion.
  • An interactive panel discussion: Hear firsthand from leading experts in the field, including prominent researchers and medical professionals, who will share the latest in Alzheimer’s research, treatment options, and preventive measures.
  • Live Q&A: Your pre-submitted questions will steer the conversation, ensuring the panel covers the topics attendees most want to hear about.
  • Insightful breakthroughs: Learn about recent advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s, including the impact of new drugs and ongoing research.
  • Navigating Alzheimer’s: Practical advice on coping with a diagnosis, understanding the journey ahead, and maintaining quality of life for those affected and their loved ones.

Don’t miss this chance to interact directly with thought leaders in the field of Alzheimer’s research. 

Reserve your spot today, engage with the heart of the community, and empower yourself with knowledge that could redefine the future of Alzheimer’s.

The Alzheimer’s impact and stride towards solutions

Imagine forgetting the faces of your loved ones, the stories that shaped your life, and the memories that made you, you

For millions, this is the reality of Alzheimer’s—a disease that can cause memory loss not only impacting those diagnosed but creating a ripple effect of emotional and physical toll on entire families.

However, there’s hope amidst these challenges. Recent years have seen groundbreaking progress in Alzheimer’s research, bringing new optimism to those touched by the disease. 

The following are some of the promising developments that participants can expect to delve deeper into during the “Care. Cure. Prevent.” event:

  • Biogen’s Aduhelm (aducanumab): The first FDA-approved drug that targets the disease process of Alzheimer’s rather than just the symptoms.
  • Leqembi: Emerging as a cutting-edge IV infusion therapy, Leqembi is meticulously designed to target and eliminate beta-amyloid accumulations in the brain, now stepping into the spotlight with its recent official approval.
  • Blood tests for early detection: Cutting-edge research has led to the development of blood tests that can detect biomarkers associated with Alzheimer’s, potentially allowing for much earlier diagnosis than has been possible to date, thereby enabling earlier intervention strategies.
  • Lifestyle interventions: Studies suggest that combinations of lifestyle changes, such as improved diet, increased physical activity, and cognitive training, may slow cognitive decline in people at risk for Alzheimer’s.
  • Anti-Amyloid and Tau Therapies: Several drugs in development are aimed at targeting amyloid and tau proteins in the brain, which are believed to contribute to the progression of Alzheimer’s. These potential therapies might slow or stop the accumulation of these proteins, potentially halting the disease’s progression.

Receive expert Alzheimer’s care at The Kensington Falls Church

The Kensington Falls Church stands out as a beacon of comprehensive care, specializing in assisted living and memory care, with profound expertise in handling Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s care. 

Our community commits to life enrichment and profound care for our residents. If the challenge of caring for a loved one surpasses your capacity, remember that The Kensington Falls Church is prepared to extend a professional, compassionate hand. 

Enhance your understanding of brain health and proactive strategies by participating in “Care. Cure. Prevent.”

Secure your spot by RSVPing for this enlightening event through our events page

Contact us directly for a deeper conversation about personalized care options and how The Kensington Falls Church can become a part of your family’s journey.

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