Stamp Your Passport: “Couch Potato Travels” with Adele

Adele Leach, a dedicated and wonderful volunteer at The Kensington Falls Church, visits our community each month to take residents on a journey to places she has visited throughout her lifetime – from the perspective of a chair in our lovely Cinema. Three Kensington Falls Church residents during Couch Potato Travels with Adele.Since February, we have “visited” Germany, The British Isles, Asia, The Netherlands, and Australia with Adele. Next month, Adele takes us to France! Along with each set of beautiful photographs and the stories that accompany them, we receive a newsletter specific to each country, trivia questions, words and phrases in each language, and we are provided with special recipes from each country. Adele’s travel series is a welcome attraction to residents at The Kensington. We enjoy learning about her travel, taking the time to reminisce, exchange our own stories, and absorb the many nuances that expand our experience, all from the perspective of a chair in the Cinema. We appreciate your efforts and each journey we take with you, Adele.