D-Day Intrigue Lecture by Jon Wiant

On the 73rd anniversary of D-Day last month, we commemorated the historic day with an insightful lecture by Professor Jon Wiant. Dr. Wiant is conducting a fascinating and well-attended lecture series at The Kensington Falls Church. This time he focused on the intelligence gathering behind June 6, 1944. A large gathering of our residents listened attentively as Dr. Wiant regaled us with his in-depth knowledge of the world of spies, gleaned from his years in the CIA and other high-level government positions. He was the head of a bilateral intelligence operation with the South Vietnamese during the war in Vietnam. Dr. Wiant went on to work for the US Department of State for several decades in multiple roles, including Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Research. Later, he served on the National Security Council. Dr. Wiant is an adjunct professor of Intelligence Studies at George Washington University. His gregarious personality and interactive lectures are very popular among our residents, so popular that we have filmed lectures for those unable to attend to view later. We’re thrilled that Jon will continue to visit The Kensington each month!