Planning for Your Future Series Part III: 5 Steps Towards Peace of Mind When Making Medical Decisions
Wednesday, March 20th 4:30pm-6pm. Click HERE to RSVP!
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Planning for Your Future Series Part III: 5 Steps Towards Peace of Mind When Making Medical Decisions
Wednesday, March 20th 4:30pm-6pm. Click HERE to RSVP!
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entry level positions in healthcare

How to Get Started with Entry Level Job Positions in Healthcare

Starting your healthcare career in a senior living community has many benefits. 

You’ll gain experience and continue your education while maintaining a job that gives you a sense of purpose. 

If you want to grow personally and professionally while getting started in healthcare, The Kensington Falls Church community may be the perfect fit for you. 

We have a compassionate team that loves and supports one another like family and residents who have also become part of our family. 

Read on to learn tips to get started in the healthcare field, get certified to become a CNA, gain education and experience at a senior living community, and become part of The Kensington Falls Church family.

Tips to get started in the healthcare field

Getting started with entry-level positions in healthcare can be a great way to kickstart your career in the industry. 

The following are some steps you can take to begin.

Research healthcare careers

Learn about different healthcare careers and job opportunities available. This can help you identify which roles suit your interests, skill sets, and education.

Gain relevant education 

Depending on the role you’re interested in, you may need a specific degree or certification. Research the educational requirements for your desired position and start taking classes or courses. 

Build your skills and experience

Healthcare is a highly skilled industry. Consider volunteer opportunities, internships, or entry-level jobs to gain experience and knowledge and develop your skills. This can also help you build a network of contacts. 


Attend healthcare job fairs and other networking events to meet people in the industry. Build relationships with professionals, ask for advice, and gain insights into the field. 

Create a strong resume

Highlight relevant education, experience, and skills on your resume and cover letter. Focus on demonstrating how your previous experience can be valuable in the healthcare industry. 

Seek additional learning experiences

Healthcare is an ever-evolving field, and it’s essential to stay updated with industry trends and advancements. Consider continuing education, attending conferences, and networking events.

The healthcare industry can be very rewarding but requires dedication, compassion, and hard work. 

Have the right personality

Someone who is compassionate, love to care for others, has drive and is willing to learn, and is a natural leader will succeed. Someone with little experience but has the desire, drive and compassion for others already has their own career starter.

Where to get certified to become a CNA

To become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), you’ll need to complete a state-approved training program and pass a competency exam. 

You can get certified at: 

  • Community colleges
  • Vocational schools 
  • Nursing homes or long-term care facilities 
  • Hospitals 
  • Red Cross
  • Online training 

Before choosing a program, be sure that it meets your state’s requirements for certification. 

To ensure a program is a good fit for you, you’ll want to research the program’s cost, schedule, and reputation.

How senior living can help you gain experience 

Senior living communities like The Kensington Falls Church can be an excellent place to gain experience in the healthcare industry, particularly if you are interested in working with older adults. 

Some ways senior living can help you gain experience include the following. 

Entry-level positions

Many senior living communities hire entry-level staff, such as dining room servers, housekeepers, and concierge. 

These positions can provide valuable experience in customer service and working with older adults. 

Nursing assistant positions 

Assisted living and memory care communities often have a need for nursing assistants to provide care to residents. 

This position can provide hands-on experience with personal care tasks, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding residents. If you want to commit to a paid caregiving role but aren’t yet prepared to complete a Certified Nursing Assistant program, you can take the 40-hour direct care course with The Kensington Falls Church. 

This is a great way to enter the senior living industry and get paid for your initial training period!

This position can provide hands-on experience with personal care tasks, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding residents. 

Social work and activities positions

Many senior living communities have social workers and activities coordinators who work with residents to develop programs and life enrichment activities to enhance their quality of life. 

These positions can provide experience in program development, event planning, and working with older adults. 

Other positions where you can gain experience at The Kensington Falls Church include: 

How senior living can offer continued education 

At The Kensington Falls Church, our team members’ personal and professional goals are important to us. 

We want to see our team members succeed, so we offer them room to grow and make career advancements and educational experiences. 

Our new team members are required to take 12 hours of new-team-member training and at least 12 hours of training per year. This helps our team members stay updated on technologies and programs that improve our residents’ quality of life. 

On top of paid training, we offer workshops, and hands-on experience, that will help you become more educated in your specific role. 

Become part of a family at The Kensington Falls Church

Working at a senior living community, such as The Kensington Falls Church, can be a rewarding and gratifying experience for those passionate about working with the elderly. 

Choosing to care for and support seniors can give you a sense of purpose because you know you are making a positive impact on their lives. 

We care for even residents with the highest needs and offer Alzheimer’s care, dementia care, and rehabilitation services to help them improve their quality of life. 

Working with our high-needs residents allows you to learn how to be more empathetic, learn patience, and gain first-hand experience with diseases common to seniors. 

We stand behind Our Promise to love and care for our residents like our own family. We extend this to our team members as we welcome them into our community. 

We offer our team the following benefits: 

  • Competitive salaries
  • Health, Life, 401K, and other benefits starting at 32 hrs/wk
  • Generous paid time off 
  • Employee assistance program 
  • Complimentary lunches and dinners
  • A safe and positive work environment 
  • Room to grow and advance
  • Paid training 

Contact us or check out our blog to learn more about our assisted living and memory care communities, our founders, services, upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and job openings.