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Falls Church Arts Expands Creative Experience at The Kensington

Helping The Kensington Connect with the Community

Falls Church Arts (FCA), a nonprofit, community-based arts and education program founded in 2003, is the first confirmed tenant at The Kensington, occupying the ground-floor retail space.

FCA looks forward to the opportunities The Kensington location offers to increase both the variety and amount of its programming. In addition to art shows and exhibits in this new space, FCA will be able to expand its educational offerings, including multi-generational and multi-cultural arts opportunities through the Studio Arts Classes and Workshops as well as art demonstrations, lectures, and other diverse and creative visual and performing arts events. At the same time, FCA plans to continue its successful partnership with Creative Cauldron by continuing an art show schedule at the Falls Church Arts Gallery at ArtSpace Falls Church on South Maple Avenue.

One of the fastest-growing trends and singularly effective ways to foster a sense of purpose and strengthen lives is to inspire through the creative process. In anticipation of the Grand Opening of The Kensington Falls Church, The Kensington team and FCA have already begun looking for ways to work together to offer exhibit and workspace for the local creative community as well as special programs designed with assisted living residents and families in mind.

Arts, performance, and music are proven, clinically effective pathways to improving the function and quality of life for people of all ages. Such creative expression also allows powerful ways for people to connect with one another, including those with dementia and/or declining cognitive or motor abilities, moving them toward a more engaged and happier life.

The Kensington is very happy to have Falls Church Arts as an influence. The presence of this active arts organization will enliven life in and around The Kensington, and this new space will offer expanded opportunities to artists and art lovers throughout the community.