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Closeup of orange dahlia flower in a garden.

The Floral & Garden Design Club Adds Pizazz to Our Piazza

Resident at The Kensington Falls Church enjoying outdoor gardening on Piazza.

The Joys of Gardening: Marilyn in her element!

In June, we took a different approach to the Floral & Garden Design Club by moving this activity outside and beautifying our Piazza with new planters that our residents filled with herbs and flowers. A special thank you goes to our Environmental Services team for their support in making this project a reality! From basil, chamomile, rosemary, and dill, to impatiens exploding with fiery shades of yellow and orange, our residents were given ample room to exercise their creativity. Some even surprised us with their affinity for gardening and their secret green thumbs! One resident even commented that digging in the soil took her back to her childhood. The gorgeous results are on display for all our residents, family, and team members to enjoy. We recommend taking a moment to linger over the planters to appreciate the unique aromas of the fragrant herbs and flowers. Our residents are already talking about how much they’re looking forward to next month’s gardening session.