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Red Orange and Yellow linear sculpture.

Kensington Residents Visit the Kreeger Museum

Last month, residents from The Kensington Falls Church took a trip across the Potomac River into the District of Columbia for a personal tour of the Kreeger Museum located on Foxhall Road close to Georgetown Hospital. The museum is a gem for those who may not be aware of its existence and have yet to visit.

In 1959, David and Carmen Kreeger began to amass an extensive collection of modern art. Over approximately fifteen years they assembled most of the Museum’s holdings. Their collection reflects the spirit of the Kreegers who opened the doors of the museum to the public on in 1994.  Their mission was to enhance the understanding and appreciation of art, architecture and music – a vision they both shared and implemented throughout their lifetime. David Kreeger said about their collection:

“I never bought art as an investment. I bought it for love and I was lucky. Art that embodies the creative spirit of men transcends the value of money.”

Though, when initially taken in, it seems to be and eclectic collection of artworks, viewers will note that color and texture bring a cohesive nature to the collection. You’ll see these beautiful artworks all housed in the museum designed by world famous mid-century architect, Philip Johnson.

We were fortunate to see a special exhibit honoring Philip Johnson’s building constructed specifically to house the Kreeger collection. Residents thoroughly enjoyed a guided tour through the beautiful home, gardens and grounds of the Kreeger. Be on the lookout for more visits to this and other wonderful museums, special exhibits and lectures in the months ahead. Our upcoming events and activities are detailed both on our Life Enrichment and Events pages.