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Still Significant Martha's Table Event with Kensington Falls Church residents and Merritt Academy students

Still Significant Martha's Table Event with Kensington Falls Church residents and Merritt Academy studentsWe are more than fortunate to be living and working here at The Kensington. Beginning in 2018, we have made a commitment to host a monthly Community Service activity whereby we can contribute and make a difference in someone else’s life. We are all Still Significant and serving others reminds us of just that!

For the month of January, we supported Martha’s Table, a food re

source for the homeless living in D.C. Every night, their mobile food truck, McKenna’s Wagon, serves hundreds of homeless and hungry neighbors fresh fruit, trail mix, & sandwiches.

On Friday the 16th, we hosted our first Lunch &

Serve- Intergenerational Community Service project! We invited students from The Merritt Academy to participate and 11 Middle School students joined us in assembling Trail Mix bags & Sandwiches to donate to Martha’s Table.

Merritt Academy students pose with Sandwiches at The Kensington Falls Church community service eventOur program began with a brief presentation by Robyn on the history of Martha’s Table. The founders, a Jesuit priest- Father McKenna and Dr. Veronica Maz a Sociology professor at Georgetown University, started Martha’s Table in 1980. They wanted to have an impact on the children plagued by violence on the 14th street DC corridor. Their mission grew over time and this year, they predict that they will serve over 1.5 million meals. Every evening at 5:30, McKenna’s Wagon heads out to the streets of DC to distribute Sandwiches, Trail mix, fruits and soups to those who are food insecure.

Wide angle of Still Significant Martha's Table Event with pizza partyKensington residents, in conjunction with our Middle School visitors. gathered to assemble trail mix bags and turkey and cheese sandwiches. Together we made over 122 sandwiches and 175 trail mix bags!

After our service, we feasted on good old-fashioned pizza, salad and delicious cookies for dessert! After the children left, Robyn & Maryann (one of our amazing care managers) drove down to DC to personally and promptly deliver the gifts of love to Martha’s Table, just in time for their daily 5:30pm distribution!