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Meet The Resident: Peggy E.

Peggy E., was introduced to The Kensington Falls Church when she was invited to visit one of our first residents, a good friend of hers who had moved into the community in February. We welcomed her as a guest. Peggy has lived nearby and had thoughts about a future move but decided, after spending time at The Kensington, that it was to be her new home. A few months later she has settled in. What a delightful addition she has been to our Kensington family.

After graduating from The Ohio State University in 1952 she was sent to Guam for two years with four professors and a dean to work as Registrar, helping establish the Territorial College of Guam in Agana. Its goal was to further educate students to teach on Guam. She then enlisted in the U.S. Navy and attended Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island, and became one of the first WAVE officers in Washington, D.C. at the Bureau of Ships. Peggy enjoyed living in this area and decided to stay. She received a position with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology located in the Pentagon under contract to the Chief of Naval Operations. She then continued the bulk of her career working for a brilliant consulting radio engineer in Washington, D.C. for thirty-four years.

In addition to a lively and impressive career, Peggy is well traveled and has a wide spectrum of personal interests. Her lovely suite in The Kensington contains a wide variety of her own works as a talented artist – oils, acrylics, pencil drawings – decorating the walls throughout the space. Peggy is a woman who has honed her many skills through study and practice. She ballroom dances, draws, paints, knits, and enjoys bridge and jewelry making. She has a gentle spirit and makes those around her feel at ease. Many mornings one exits the elevator into the community and can hear Peggy making lovely music — comfortably practicing at the grand piano. Her music contributes to the heart of The Kensington, warming us with her talented playing. Thank you for making the decision to join the Kensington family, Peggy.