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Meet the Resident: Dr. Douglas K.

Dr. Douglas K. was welcomed as one of our first residents at The Kensington when doors opened in early February.  What a pleasure it has been to get to know him over the months.  Reserved and always observant of his surroundings, his sense of humor and intellect makes for wonderful conversation as residents gather for meals and throughout the day.  Doug has lived in Arlington and been in private practice as an ob-gyn throughout his professional life.

Doug with a dance partner.

He found time, during this busy life, to balance his profession with his personal passion for art, music, theater and dance.  Often, Doug would read about a particular  art exhibit or performance – whether local or in another city:  Chicago, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, New York – book a flight or purchase train fare, travel to the city where it was taking place, enjoy it thoroughly then immediately return home to Northern Virginia.  He appreciates locally the Phillips Collection, the Kreeger Museum and wandering the Smithsonian’s extensive and varied exhibitions.  We plan a visit to the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Old Town Alexandria, another of his favorites. 

Doug is a prolific ballroom dancer who has spent much of his leisure time on the dance floor.  He looks forward to observing and participating in dance and musical performances in the Bistro during daily social and cocktail hours.  Our goal is to offer Doug many opportunities to continue to pursue his interest in the arts as we enjoy our time with him at The Kensington.