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Book club at The Kensington Falls Church

Readers Wanted!

Join the club…Book Club at The Kensington! We are excited to announce that our new resident Gail and our volunteer Barbara, who both happen to be former librarians, have offered to lead a monthly book discussion with Kensington residents! The first book will feature the Murder- Mystery book entitled Still Life, by Louise Penny (see below for a synopsis).

The book is available in paperback or in an audible version and if you need assistance in ordering one, please ask Robyn in activities for support.

Enjoy the month of December to get you reading shoes on as the book club will meet on January 8th at 11am to discuss this fantastic mystery novel. There will be coffee, tea and French pastries served, all to embrace our Canadian themed book. Please let Robyn know if you will be joining the club! See you there!