A Welcome Afternoon Concert by Suzuki Studio’s Young Violinists

Young violinists from local Suzuki studio perform at The Kensington Falls ChurchResidents and staff at The Kensington gathered in the Café on a quiet late Monday afternoon to hear delightful music produced by eight young student violinists, ranging from ages 6 to 14. Hailing from the local Suzuki Violin Studio in Falls Church and led by director, Hannah Choi, each piece was played by the violinist without accompaniment. Bach, Beethoven, and a variety of classical songs entertained a large group of residents, who were thrilled with the students’ incredible talent. This was the second time the Suzuki Studio has paid us a visit, and Hannah is graciously offering to return next month. If you have any pieces of music you’d like to hear these violinists play, let our Activities Team know and we will pass it along for next time.