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The Great 8 Communication Tips: Conversing with Your Loved One with Dementia

The Kensington Falls Church was proud to partner with Dr. William Mansbach, CEO & Founder of Counterpoint Health Services, for this presentation: The Great 8 Communication Tips: Conversing with Your Loved One with Dementia.

We understand firsthand that as a caregiver, communicating with your loved one with dementia can be difficult sometimes. Let Dr. Mansbach’s webinar guide you to be the best caregiver you can be! Whether your loved one is living at home with you or in a senior community, learn the best ways to communicate with them so you can improve their quality of life.

  • Dr. Mansbach’s Great 8 tips for improving communication 
  • How to identify sources of agitation 
  • How to find specific resources for better communication

Dr. William Mansbachis the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mansbach Health Tools, LLC which supports the BCAT® Research Center.  He is also the Chief Executive Officer and President of CounterPoint Health Services, a multi-disciplinary behavioral healthcare company specializing in geriatrics and dementia care. For many years, he was the Chief Operating Officer of the largest geriatric behavioral healthcare company in the U.S. specializing in long-term care. Dr. Mansbach has an international reputation as a researcher, clinician, and consultant in the aging field.  He was a pioneer in the development of memory clinics and is the creator of the BCAT® and ENRICH® Systems, which integrate cognitive tests, interventions, and dementia prevention programs.