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The Kensington Keeps Couples Together…

Even when care needs differ, The Kensington Falls Church keeps couples together.

What happens when one half of a couple needs care but the other does not? Or when one half of a couple needs assisted living support and the other needs memory care?

Our solution is simple: We welcome both of them to make our home their home – TOGETHER.

Maybe our couples have raised families, or served their country, or built skyscrapers. Maybe they’ve taught music, or traded stocks, or ministered to their congregations. From our perspective—whether they’re homemakers or bankers, chefs or veterans—our couples are our heroes! They’ve made a life together, side by side. And we’ll do everything in our power to keep it that way.

At The Kensington, we’ve developed a care model built around families and for families. We offer support that meets the needs unique to each individual, even when they’re half of a couple. We introduce new social, wellness and enrichment opportunities regularly, but we also go out of our way to preserve the familiarity of comfortable routines and favorite pastimes they shared together as one.

Please contact us or visit us at 700 West Broad Street, Falls Church, to learn more about our lifestyle options for couples.