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The Kensington Falls Church Partners with Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation

This year we partnered with the Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation to share with our residents at The Kensington Falls Church an opportunity to read and critique middle school and high school student entries in their annual “E.B. Henderson Letter to the Editor” contest.

The contest honors the work of Dr. Edwin Bancroft Henderson (1883-1977), a Falls Church resident and prolific letter-writer. He knew the power of the written word. and wrote over 3,000 letters to the editor.

“In 1915, the town of Falls Church attempted to enact an ordinance which would have forced residential segregation. Dr. Henderson, who lived in Falls Church, together with Mr. Joseph Tinner and other residents of Tinner Hill, founded an organization to rally against the ordinance. They formed The Colored Citizens Protective League (CCPL) and succeeded in defeating the ordinance. The group became a chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the very first rural chapter in the entire country. Over the next 50 years, Dr. Henderson became a leading Northern Virginia civil rights leader, using the power of the pen to achieve his goal.”

Today, The Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation is involved in preserving African American Ed Henderson of Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation with contest winners: Nicole Bloomgarden and Ava Reimer, Ava’s Parents, Resident Judge, Debra Creek, and Nicole’s parents.history, and promote respect and unity among all people. Each year they host a “Letter to the Editor” contest. This year’s 50 student entries were read and judged by Ed Henderson, director of Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation, four alumni members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Chi Beta Omega chapter in Falls Church, Kensington residents, Debra Creek and Erwin Klingsberg, and Lauren Kirk and Linda O’Connor, Kensington staff.

Ed Henderson presented awards to High School first place winner, Ava Reimer, and second place winner, Nicole Bloomgarden. Residents were  pleased to get involved and look forward to serving as judges in next year’s contest. Thank you to Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation for the invitation to participate.