Thomas Jefferson Elementary School Band Concert Extravaganza

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School band performing at The Kensington Falls Church.During the early weeks of June, residents at The Kensington Falls Church enjoyed a series of performances by young students from our local Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. A total of 90 or so student band members performed over a 3-day period. The eager musicians played in small groups or performed solo, displaying their talents for their teachers, parents, and of course our residents. The residents loved seeing the children putting in the dedication necessary to become a band member, commenting on how difficult it is to play some of those instruments! The pieces the students played ranged from rounds such as “Frère Jacques” to themes from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. They were led by their wonderful band instructors, who encouraged them throughout each piece and were evidently a source of inspiration for the students. The band instructors surprised everyone at the end of each concert by showing off their own talents on the clarinet and trombone. It was a joy to see so many bright young minds keen on mastering an instrument and enjoying their time interacting with our Kensington residents.