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Falls Church Arts Gallery

What’s Happening at the Arts Center

Residents at The Kensington are taking the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in the fine arts.  They can conveniently participate in the variety of programs and classes offered by our partner, Falls Church Arts, now housed on the first floor of The Kensington.  Residents have joined a five-week class each Thursday evening through April on “drawing fundamentals” with artist, Kate Fleming.  It has been enlightening and enjoyable.  They will continue to take part in upcoming programs and events which will include Salon Group Discussions, Art History and Art Appreciation talks, and a diverse variety of studio art classes offered through FCA.

On April 27, “Kaleidoscope” opened in the Falls Church ArtSpace.  Kaleidoscope refers, in this case, to changing forms, patterns, colors in the manner suggesting a kaleidoscope — continuously shifting from one set of relations to another and rapidly changing.  We look forward to meeting the artists and enjoying their interpretations from April 27-May 29.

In addition, we are partnering with Falls Church Arts in the 8th Annual Falls Church Arts “Scenes in the City” Plein Air Festival competition from April 6 through June 9.  Local artists – anyone who chooses to compete – are encouraged to enter artwork for display and judging on Competition Saturday, June 10. We invite our resident “artists” at The Kensington to participate in this competition. You know who you are!