Antibiotics: Are You Misusing Them? Effects, Prevention & Alternatives
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Antibiotics: Are You Misusing Them? Effects, Prevention & Alternatives
Thursday, July 25th 4:30pm-6pm. Click HERE to RSVP!
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Cozy Ways to Feel on Vacation at Home

Having to stay home might feel like a let down when you need a vacation. Unfortunately, many vacations are being canceled or postponed because of social distancing. For some seniors, taking a vacation might also just be too difficult when dealing with limited mobility or health concerns.

With a little creativity though, you can feel like you’re on vacation from the comfort of your home! Whether you crave adventure or relaxation, here are five creative and cozy ways to vacation at home.

1. Surprise yourself

Part of what makes vacation so memorable is the new and unexpected experiences. Create this atmosphere at home by taking online classes to teach yourself something new, such as cooking a new recipe, making a craft, or learning a dance.

Get out of the house and explore new areas right under your nose, from the comfort of your car. Take a mini road trip exploring new neighborhoods or country roads you don’t normally take. Soak up your surroundings as you would on vacation, notice how the houses look, what kind of trees and wildlife you see, and other outdoor features.

Eat food you don’t normally eat. Cook a new and exotic recipe or order from a new restaurant. Some food destinations will even ship meals across the country if you’d really like to transport your taste buds during mealtime.

2. Bring the entertainment to you

Technology provides so much easy access to entertainment through our smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and even virtual reality headsets. Below are several ideas of how to bring entertainment into your home:

  • Use video calls to spend time with long-distance friends and relatives. Make it a special occasion by planning a shared activity you can each do from home through a video call, such as eating dinner together or playing a game.
  • Draw the curtains, dim the lights, and play an at-home film festival based on your favorites.
  • Looking for something new, watch webcams in Las Vegas or stream performances from all over the world.
  • Take virtual tours of museums, cities, and other destinations, through online videos.
  • Video games provide endless entertainment for all skill levels and can be a fun new way to get playful.
  • Going a step further, get a virtual reality headset to immerse yourself in 3D digital environments that make you feel like you’re exploring new places, from the comfort of your favorite chair.

3. Make relaxation a priority

Choosing to make relaxation a priority isn’t always possible but if you plan to deliberately take a vacation at home, it can also be a great time to turn off your phones and the TV, pause your news consumption, and live in the moment.

Make time for simple activities, such as doing a puzzle, playing board games, coloring or making art, or taking the time to dive into a good book.

If you want full relaxation, create an at-home spa experience. Get your fluffiest towel and bathrobe and pretend you’re at a hotel with all of the amenities. Draw a warm bath infused with aromatherapy.

If you want to look inward to relax, try mindfulness exercises such as meditation or yoga. There are videos and books that can help you get started at any skill level. You can create a healthful retreat at home by eating nourishing foods, focusing on self care, and dedicating time to yoga or meditation.

4. Soak up nature

Focus on creating an atmosphere when enjoying the outdoors from home. This can be as simple as getting some sun in the backyard or as elaborate as setting up a campsite.

Have a picnic with a theme, such as all Parisian foods. Get your beach towels out and turn the sprinkler on like kids. Relax under the stars and look for planets and constellations.

Collect mementos from your time spent outdoors by gathering leaves or flowers to press in a book or grab an acorn or pebble to remind you of the moment.

5. Act like you’re on vacation

Part of the fun of taking a vacation is documenting and sharing your experience.

Send postcards to friends or family sharing what you’re doing during your at-home vacation. You could even make and send souvenirs.

Any experience can feel as special as a vacation if you choose to make it that way. Take photos to capture the moments you’re experiencing now. Journal each day to document the little things that are important, just as you would on a trip.

You can also take yourself on a journey through your memory by reminiscing about past vacations. Take this time to make a scrapbook or slideshow from previous vacations and let your mind wander as you remember the highlights.

Life Enrichment at The Kensington Falls Church

At The Kensington Falls Church, we view every day as an opportunity to enrich the lives of the seniors we are privileged to serve in our senior living community.

We understand the importance of enriching seniors’ lifestyles, with a seamless blend between premier hospitality and world-class health care. Activities and friendships have been shown to reduce stress, preserve wellness, keep the mind sharp, and increase feelings of worth, especially for seniors. 

We appreciate that everyone here has something to contribute, whether it’s musical ability, a passion for cooking, or a penchant for golf. By providing a variety of activities and programs, we create ways to share ourselves with each other and create a family rich with dimension.

Schedule a virtual visit to The Kensington Falls Church today and experience our life enrichment activities for yourself.

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